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EU standard transformers

EU 2015

KvaPoPkUkLWHDatasheetRequest an offer
250300 W3250 W4%1196 mm640 mm1346 mmRequest an offer
400430 W4600 W4%1312 mm790 mm1342 mmRequest an offer
630600 W6500 W4%1564 mm822 mm1422 mmRequest an offer
1000770 W10500 W6%1746 mm1068 mm1618 mmRequest an offer
1250950 W11000 W6%1794 mm1028 mm1678 mmRequest an offer
16001200 W14000 W6%1860 mm1076 mm1730 mmRequest an offer
20001450 W18000 W6%1904 mm1142 mm1865 mmRequest an offer
25001750 W22000 W6%2040 mm1196 mm2063 mmRequest an offer

EU 2021

KvaPoPkUkLWHDatasheetRequest an offer
250270 W2350 W4%11446401406Request an offer
400287 W3250 W4%12587901492Request an offer
630540 W4600 W4%13947901572Request an offer
1000693 W7600 W6%16728721812Request an offer
16001080 W12000 W6%184210401820Request an offer
20001305 W15000 W6%190410901845Request an offer
25001575 W18500 W6%182611902143Request an offer