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We manufacturers Electrical Transformers up to and including 36 kV class and its product range covers the following:

  • Distribution transformers from 50 kVA to 2500 kVA (conventional mineral oil cooled transformers) including single ratio, dual primary and/ or dual secondary transformers 
  • Medium power transformers up to and including 40 MVA72kV with mineral oil cooling 
  • Liquid filled transformers for special applications (Silicone liquid, Midel) 
  • Series and shunt reactors 
  • Rectifier transformers 
  • Transformers for special applications 
  • Package sub-stations up to and including 1600 kVA (Max 12 kV class) consisting of the transformer, the transformer mounted ring-main unit and low voltage distribution board, mounted on a common base to facilitate lifting and installation as an integral unit, with or without housing (steel or fibre-glass) 
  • Auto transformers 
  • Earthing transformers 
  • Transformers for starting applications 
  • Isolating transformers 
  • Regulating transformers 
  • Transformers for windmills